Monday, 27 July 2009

Treasure is hidden in the Website - Putting In Text Ads

People filter out ads. This applies on TV, in a newspaper, and most - online. Online content we read, see pictures, view videos, but we do not see ads. Fought back, advertising industry has launched war on the reader's attention online. Wonderful EyeBlaster companies such as pushing forward the evolution and banners, and even, save Obtain business. Banner began jumping around, the animated characters walk onto our screen, full-page ad sites covered fully, and when the mouse moves from the content, we mistakenly activated a voice from the banner ads. Even a relatively Google Adsense ads now mostly replaced with animated banner. It seems like all the efforts to attract visitors from the content and the ads now valid.

But, in my opinion, this war can not run forever. Achieve exaggerated media annoys visitors, which in turn, seek alternative sources of information. Only a few of them will choose to pay for the subscription to avoid ads, and with increasing competition, most will move to another site. With increasing concerns about having too many ads, very serious online publishers carefully select the type of ads that are to be saved on their site. And then, when the ads showed slightly reduced and the effort to capture the attention, the readers actually give them less attention, and consequently - of the ad revenue decline.

The exact solution there, in the middle of your website. Look carefully ... there is a hidden treasure in your website. Content of the website can act as a layer of fine to place your ad. Now, I'm not referring to your sales writing skills - and life - and write a review in a false disguise the purpose of opinion while they get paid for. That is a different story. I'm talking about in-text ads.

When used correctly, in the ad appears as a double-underline links in the content of a website. They do not interfere with the flow of reading and they do not fight over the attention of readers. From the site visitor that the link lead to this ad, but they do not disrupt them. Only when such a link of interest, he can run the mouse over the link. Then, a bubble will appear with the relevant ads in it. If interested, the visitor can click on the ad and continue to the ad's landing page. If he was not interested, he just moves the mouse away and continue reading.

If you have not read the About section, now I have to fast for the delay - I work for Infolinks, a provider of text in the ad. I am biased. However, I want to wake up smiling every morning when I go to work and I can afford it, I do not work for something that I do not believe in me choosing to join the team Infolinks because I think this is the right way. So, here it is. I'm from the industry. But that's the best place to get professional experience, I hope you can benefit from when reading together.

In the ad text is a source to get a website. Full text ad in the type of advertising without their influence. Relevant text in the ad actually enrich the content with relevant ads that interest visitors. True, they are still advertising and readers will prefer to not have them, but the fact is that they generate information that helps free. This is something that is very visitor. Jumping compared with banners, text ads that are advertising most tedious method, but the relevance of the high conversion rate is good for advertisers - which means that online publishers are paid correctly.

When ads start to appear on the website, some people against it, but with time, we all have the option of free internet advertising, then do not have any at all. Website with revenue declines, in the ad text can save the day. Noticing a hidden treasure in our website and get in the right way will save the information for free and we are happy readers. And see, you see in the ad text and many more in various websites. Finally, after several years, in the ad now pay very well and has become a legitimate method of advertising and get the second.


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