Monday, 27 July 2009

Lack of, through protest, for the legitimacy - Ad penetration Cycle

I usually do not like to talk about new media that began with the ancient history and development of internet in the sixties of the previous century. We are on the outside. This said, however, there is a lot to learn from the comparison of the evolvement of the Internet with other media in the past. And if there is one clear pattern that repeated itself in all media - newspapers, radio, television, cable television, internet and of late - it is the penetration of the ad.

We have seen before - from the media in which ads are not allowed, for the organization of protest against the view that the first ad, and on the understanding that help reduce the cost of advertising media access to the general public, and therefore must be embraced under a reasonable restriction. Lack of, through protest, for the legitimacy - penetrates all advertising media.

The pattern is the same as when you first appear in the newspaper ad, then the TV, then the web, and also occurs in all the advertising in each method of each type of media. Whenever a new type of advertising appears, he must go through the same cycle - from initial interest, through protests, and for recognition and legitimacy. Instead of returning to see in history books, the best example can be found by flipping back a few pages: the ads on the email service from Google.

In the early days, Gmail has been available only by invitation, and when the ads show up, early adopters actually like the idea of a free service funded by the exposure to the ad (before that, except perhaps Hotmail, we must pay most email service good - remember that?) . When Gmail started spread out, suddenly the ad to target email about privacy and community organizations concerned. Big Brother's new this time we read the correspondence! And then, a few short years later, he became the standard. Advertising in the email service from Google has become a legitimate and millions of people and businesses who use Gmail in the world, enjoy a free service sponsored by ads.

In Text Advertising does not differ from other forms of advertising and going through the same cycle. In the beginning, as new methods and interesting, he spoke in a day. Online leaders looked into goolge and online giants, Microsoft and Yahoo all efforts are made to the initial technology. Then, he immediately considered boring. The same type of people who had to ads on television and later found in the form of Gmail's new ad as "too much" because it rode on the website content. If you are still reading, I will discuss the advantages in the ad text and shows how they are actually the most boring, but as a new advertising method, in the ad must be taking some heat. And at that time, protesting calmed down, and during 2008 and early 2009, in the ad to be valid. Lack of, through protest, for the legitimacy - in the ad now penetrates more and more websites.

CNN published an article (February 6, 2009) around the text-ad, calling it the "one bright spot in online advertising," where I picked up the example with the penetration of ad:

"It's hard to imagine a news site such as the New York Times ( signed on (in the ad text) without the uproar from some readers and staff. Then again, the newspaper recently decided to sell ads on the front page to attract more much income. And that really is not possible. "

And indeed, many other sites that have been in-show text ads. Here are some examples: Fox News, MSNBC, iVillage, JPost, BookRags, and eHow. But not sure? Here are some: Esnips, The Hollywood Gossip, Ask The Builder, Money Controls, Answer Bag, and much more (by the way, I use examples of websites that have been in-text ads from a different service provider, not only from me own work).

By now, some I can estimate that more than 100,000 websites have already tried in the ad text, including the main site with large traffic. This means that quite a lot of Surfers most by now have become an ad. This also means that in each vertical content categories, at least, there are some sites that are applied in the ad text, planting seeds that spread quickly in legitimacy.

On the other hand, although not many, when I saw the website's 100,000 more than 150 million sites around the world, he was still only a small part. Taking this fact, to add legitimacy factors, and some crazy fast with the growth rate, and boom - you get fenomenal potential in the ad text. I bet you that the internet giant will soon join the party with this. In a text ad in the threshold are online everywhere.


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