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Described in Text Ads - Terminology, Technology, and Ideology

What In Text Advertising?

Definition: In the Text Ad is a method of advertising where the ad is placed there as a hyperlink in the text.
[see also the Wikipedia definition for Advertising In Text]

This brief definition encapsulates the entire concept is only in a few words, but as usually happens with a short description, each word count, and some further clarification is needed. First of all, it's a method of advertising. There are many reasons for entering text in the hyperlink online - in fact, that's the essence of the Web - but here, we discuss the form of commercial advertising in which the interests of direct elections link - it's advertising. Second, the term "advertising" - or the ads for short term - very important. There are other types of placement in the text, which only add content and links to the content - this method is not part of the methods of advertising, because they do not include placement ads (ads that lead to the content). And third, the last part of the definition - "in the text" - in a separate text ads from other types of contextual advertising. While contextual advertising can be associated with the text but appear in the text (such as Google Adsense), and paid-for content can lead to writing the actual text in the ad text ads placed in content that has been made independent and separate from advertising.
In the text or In Line?

The market has spoken - In Text Advertising is the term selected. However, in the early days, this method is also called an Ad In Row, and even in one word Inline. The name is less accurate and also, it does not spread just enough before "In the text," was coined and adopted.

Still have questions about the hyphen. As we all send an email to one another, and have stopped using e-mail, I believe the text will be developed into Intext (or at least to start with InText), mainly because quite difficult to read without the hyphen (the mind search for the word others to follow In the words). At this point, capitalizing help reading, so the choice is between the In-text and text.
Captain hook

After the text is first in the ad text, is scanned, analyzed, and then added a hyperlink in the text with certain words or sentences. Each hook is called highlights. Why? I prefer to believe that the hook is as anchors for the most relevant ads and has the potential to give readers the most valuable advertising, and since then have been a different Anchor term use (anchor representative of a target location for internal hyperlinks), sea adopted another term. However, a more reasonable and easy to remember explanation may have links that attempt to coax readers to the ad, such as fish hook lure. You choose. As long as you hook them also, so we are all on the same page.

A certain number of hooks per volume text is an important factor, and therefore the length of each hook, but before we go there, let's start with the fact that most of hook that has been formatted with two underscores ..... please read on.
Double Underline links

The most common method of highlighting to the link in the ad text with two underscores. This simple design that is not used as a symbol more online anywhere, and as such, it send a clear message that every visitor to the website - this link is special, not ordinary. At first, they may have been attracting attention and therefore help click on the ad. But soon after that, they are recognized as a symbol, clearly stated to the world: This link leads to an ad.

As I write under the interference Advertising vs. Permission Marketing, letting readers know that the hyperlink is actually very important method of advertising for the success of the ad and web site for all users. Readers of the missing information is lost by double underline link while reading, and only choose to check them when he was in the original ad. This means that visitors to give active permission to advertisers affected by the content, the best possible start for both parties. Underline use other formats, such as underlining a single, which is also used for other types of hyperlinks, confusing the reader. Although this can result in a short time click, it will lead to long-term disappointment of the second Web site visitors and advertisers. Hover and then come ...
Mouse Hover

Web site visitors to read your article, admitted with a two-term bottom line as an ad about a term that he was interested, and want to know a little more - what can he do? He just hovers with the mouse on a link - sometimes referred to as Mouseover - and bubbles appear in the ad. He saw the ad ... if he was interested, he can click and go directly to the ad's landing page. If he was not interested, he moves the mouse away and the bubbles disappear.

This is a hover on a demonstration by readers - a very important aspect of this type of advertising, where a strong interference from the permit, and all parties involved - the reader, the website's publisher, and advertisers - must be happy with. Although the exposure to the advertising content, in many cases the business model is based on the click, the advertisers pay the website publisher only after click on the ads (and not for the hover). I will discuss the business model later. For now, I just want to live longer through the heart of it all, then the bubble.
A Bubble, not Popup

Text Ad in the use of bubbles. Informative cartoons like a little bubble, where the ad is placed with the relevance of the highlighted term. There are different types of technology to create a bubble, but in all cases, the bubble is not a "Popup Blocker". Why? Well, that bubble is a part of the web page and they do not send users to a different location. In addition, strong evidence that other, that is all mighty filter does not block popup bubbles. Differentiator the most important is that they are user generated - via mouse hover, and when the flowers are not there, the user can easily make them lose it with the mouse, no clicks necessary.
So, what In Text Advertising?

In Text Advertising is a method of advertising where the ad is placed there as a hyperlink in the text. In other words, the people of the two lines under the links with bubbles, that choose their lead because they actually choose to get infected before you click ads, and Web sites love to make lots of money with little interruption to the user.

I plan to write more about the advantages In Text, tips to improve integration, the secret to better and more and more. Thanks for reading.


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