Saturday, 25 July 2009

How to Install A New Hard Drive

You buy a new hard drive and you want to install it, what should you do?

There is one thing called a jumper on the hard disk, you need to change the location of the Master to Slave if you have a Master, if you do not live as masters. This is not required when installing the SATA drive.

That does not matter if IDE or SATA drive, the installation process is really the same. You will get some of the cable used to connect the drive to the motherboard, only to try to ensure a safe place in the tower a new drive. Also try to avoid touching other cables, and circuit panel in your computer tower. First connect the data cable and after that you can connect the power.

Watch for when installing the hard drive is very sensitive part of the hardware.

After that, you must turn on the computer and immediately enter the BIOS to check if the drive recognizes, sometimes it recognizes it automatically, sometimes you need to change some options in the BIOS so that the components that have to know.

Now you must know that formatting the drive when you get low, so you have to do "high-level format" before use. For example, you can boot XP and go to "computer" to search for a new drive is located in that folder. Then select the new drive, right click on it, to the device and select Format. Will ask you to select the file system and you should choose NTFS system, click the start after that and be patient. This operation may take a long time, especially with the capacity of the drive, but leave the computer working until this operation is completed.

Once completed, you can reboot your personal computer and then find new drive. Drive a new drive letter can change the others, so do not confused with that. This is what needs to be done, but you never know what can be wrong with the computer.

If your computer is still using the FAT32 system you may experience problems with larger capacity drives such as 120GB drive or larger, the system sometimes can not recognize them. Service Pack 2 may solve this problem, or you can update your BIOS if you really have some old motherboards. You can also turn off your computer, check the cable again just to make sure everything is as it should be connected. After the reboot, go into BIOS to see if the device is recognized now, you may need to boot disk for your system or you can download, is required to drive this new format before it can be installed as a slave drive your original Master drive.

If this does not help try calling some computer repair services, computer repairs or services on the site that you can see the problem and fix it in time. You can try to fix the problem yourself, but it is always advisable to contact some of the help and support and see what the best thing to do when problems occur.


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