Saturday, 25 July 2009

Sound Card Problems

Computer you may experience problems such as buzzing sound, in violation of streaming voice or your computer may not have a voice at all, and other problems. If you have not experienced a problem with it is best to call a few computer repair service.

If you want to know what causes your sound card to stop working or to create a problem, you should know that there are many things you can check yourself.

Are the speakers connected to a power source. There are some speakers that use batteries as power source, if you have a battery that may be because the check blank.

There are some old voice adapters and laptop that has a manual volume dial. You should try to position your call volume in the middle and not much on the side, because it can turn off the volume.

You have to install drivers for your sound card?

There are cases when people reset the operating system on personal computers, and they forgot to install the driver. There are a few motherboard soundcards held on them and you can find the sound drivers on the installation disk for the motherboard. Sound card is not implemented in the motherboard also has a driver discs. Is the best way to find the latest drivers for the device-specific sound and download from the device manufacturer's official site. So you can install it and solve the problem.

There are cases when the system plays audio files fine but it can not play music from a CD. Search for hidden silent in the software, someone may be turned off, or you are with accidents, there are cases when the auto / off. Also check the cable on your computer tower, some may be cable is not connected properly.

If you have only built motherboard integrated sound support you need to check if enabled in CMOS. And if you use the sound card you should check if the motherboard sound device is disabled, it can create conflict and mute all sounds. There is a possibility if the system can not recognize your sound card after the previous steps. You try to release the sound card manually if it's a plug and play sound card, and remove any other adapters except your video card. Then reboot your computer and let you change and configure the BIOS. Then you step off the computer and you change your sound card, only to see if that will be able to get it. If it works now, you may have a problem again when you put the other adapters in the back If you do it one by one, you can find out where the conflict arises.

If there is no help above, then advised to call the center of some help and support or computer repair service. They can determine if the sound card may be fixed or you need to buy another. This service is very accurate and they can find what the problem is and fix the computer in time.


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