Saturday, 25 July 2009

Of Landing Page Optimization Tips - Optimizing Reviews to Increase Conversion Site!

1. Delete From The Top Navigation Top of Pages

The goal of your landing page is to make the visitor to take action, click on your affiliate link and purchases! So when you have someone visit your landing page, you do not want them to jump around the site or may forestall others. Remove navigations of the site visitor's action you want them to take! If the site navigation or important information and should remain on your page, placing them at the bottom of the page.

2. A Strong Headlines

Headline Strong put the address on the main benefits of the product or service you promote. If the visitor is attracted by the ad and go to your check, but not what you know about the site, click the button it will return as soon as possible. So put a strong primary and make clear what your site is all about!

3. Keep Important Info On the flip

Keep important information at the top of the fold, do not force your visitors to scroll down to see if your site is all about. Visitors only care if the information they find and if they can get a solution from your site. Visitor's attention span is very short time, you have to seize every second to tell them the most important info.

4. Conspicuous Call-To-Actions

Place walk-Call To Action, such as anchor-link or button below each product. I see some of the landing page is very vague with a call to action. Image when visitors want to buy but can not find the link, you lose them. Leave so that your visitors can easily find your call to action and make it impressive. One of the goals that your landing page is created for.

5. Recommend the product!

I see a lot of review sites that provide reviews of dozens of products (excluding some special niches). Perhaps they only want to make the visitor confused. Visitors come to your site to buy to get advice. So you have to make a conclusion that you should buy them! Or they will continue to explore other solutions complete affiliation on the landing page and you will lose your money!


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