Thursday, 23 July 2009

Send Business Electronic Invoice (Electronic Billing, E-Invoice)

Stamps rose again! It's a never ending spiral postal rate increase!

One of the quickest and easiest way for businesses to save money in a belt tightening this time was to start a business to send electronic invoices. Why spend valuable resources on paper and postage when you can easily invoice or electronic fax and email them? Best of all, you do not need hardware or software to get started. You have all you need to start now.

Companies that use electronic billing (or e-invoice) they not only reduce costs, but also see the payment more quickly. You can cut delivery time 3-4 days under normal post for some minutes, so speed up the process of accounts receivable, especially if you incentivize customers. Overall business cycle becomes shorter and electronic delivery are also customer-friendly since almost all your customers have to receive some or most of their statements electronically.

And that's not only good for business invoices. This easy method can work for other important and time-sensitive statement as well, including purchase orders, order, confirmation, money, bank, etc.

How can you begin to see the excess electronic billing or e-statement? There are some services that can be easily set you. First, you must decide if you will fax or email you their bills. There are advantages to both. And you also have to compile a list of customers an email address or fax number. (He does not need either fax or email, they can also, so your list can be mixed.)

Once finished, you simply send a "streaming data" that usually send to the printer to your service provider. So rather than produce a hard copy invoice, you create one electronic. The service provider will convert the data to an email or fax and then deliver it automatically.

Here are some important things you should know:

1) You have several ways to send data to the service provider. Connections can be made using the Web service, SMTP, TCP / IP, and other frequently used systems.

2) You have the maximum security protection. Most systems can support SSL and the advanced data encryption standard, including the use of ID code and password, which can be changed regularly.

3) Most service providers have a large capacity. You can deliver thousands of electronic invoices and statements every day and your customers will benefit because it is easier to process in their accounts payables.

Bottom line: conversion to business electronic invoice will prove itself to be a solid investment. Up the road, which is relatively quick and the savings immediately. Take advantage of electronic invoicing is one of the key operations in modernizing you, but that is very important in reducing costs and streamlining back office productivity. Not only that, but it is the "environmentally friendly" solutions.


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