Thursday, 23 July 2009

Introduction to Outlook 2007 - Design and Use of Electronic Business Card

Exchange of business cards is a time-honored ritual in the business world. Microsoft chose to respect the general practice by adding electronic business cards to Outlook 2007. This brings them in line with most other modern email and contact management products .. Card, made by using the industry standard vCard (Vcf) format, not only looks good on screen, but can easily be exchanged with the other most modern email or contact management program.

That said, please note that if Outlook makes it easy to work with the electronic business card, card design quality is the whole story is different, and marketing company in the province of folks. This put the quality of the art electronic design business cards outside the scope of this article. So we will only talk about how to create and use electronic business card. Is up to you, in accordance with company policy, make a design, you can be proud.

How to Create an Electronic Business Card

Whenever you create a contact, Outlook will automatically create a very basic electronic business card to go with it. This card is not more than a list of information you enter for a contact, such as their name and address, along with pictures, if any, has been set for the contact. Following the procedure a very basic set of instructions to create a card to replace the main carer is a standard card.

To design a better electronic business card to a contact, follow this procedure:

Open the contact you want to design a new card. Electronic business card at this time for this contact will appear on the right side of the contact window.
Click the right version of the card, and then click Edit Business Card. This opens Edit Business Card dialog box.
You will see a lot of choice and control to edit a business card. Microsoft really make our lives more easy here. They have entered the picture from the contact card that changes as you make changes to the controls in this dialog box. That means you can see the results of the changes directly. That also means you can not undo changes that you like and allows you to experiment freely with all the design options.
After selecting the format and the fields that will appear on the card, moved to the top of the card design and the way you work. Experiment with the settings to get the design you want, or follow the instructions from the company that has been approved to provide a visible card. To insert an image from an image associated with the contact, click the image and insert it. Click Background to apply a background color for the card.
Repeat steps 3 and 4 are required to get the design you want. Click OK to complete the design.

Using Your Own Electronic Business Card

Business card for your new design will be seen in the Business Card and see if you can attach to a message that you do. To attach a card to write your message, first position the cursor in the message at the location where you want the card to appear. Then click the Insert Business Card that is included on the tape while you're editing a message. Cards appear in the message body, at a location specified by the cursor. This card is also attached to the message. VCF format so that recipients can easily save them.

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