Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Ipod Quality Equivalent to Sony

All iPod like nano, shuffle and practically antiques. Functionally, it is really just a personal stereo, which was originally patented by Srirekam Jayram Purushotam in 1974. This is a first commercial success level with electronics giant Sony.

In the year 1979 when they sold their first Walkman model called Soundabout. IPod still fill the same needs, but using newer technology to do it better. Many of the current generation of clones marching in the white ear buds that grow out of their ears, probably never heard of a Walkman. Many of the same way the next batch will not know what exactly is an iPod.

There is technology just waiting in the wings that will replace the iPod as we know it. IPod (most mp3 player) market, and differentiate product lines with the capacity. All models who actually do the same, with the same set of controls. The biggest difference between them and the biggest factors that determine price, is the capacity of the drive in it.

The second differentiating factor is, of course, color. Kinda hard to charge more for blue or even pink. After all, there will come a time, when really have the drive in mp3 player or iPod will not be needed. This is really absurd. That makes the unit bigger, and pushing up prices. Small drive is far more expensive than a larger drive than the machine.


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