Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Four Best Ipod

If you want to buy an iPod, a few options you should consider. However, there are only four choices to the consumer idol iPod: iPod shuffle, nano, touch, and classic. In each choice, your main decision is usually just how much storage you want to go with your iPod.

Here we will display the advantages of the four ipod:

Let's start with the iPod shuffle, which is my first iPod and holds a place near my heart. Unlike all the other iPods, the Shuffle has no screen to choose your music. I love their early advertising slogan, "Life is random", as often happens. Apple chose this slogan because of the iPod shuffle, you never know what you'll get. Once you put the songs on your shuffle, you just sit back and listen to them at random.

Although my initial random is 1GB, and about $ 100, the new iPod stirring come in many colors and there is 2GB and 4GB options. 4GB Shuffle, which can accommodate more than 1000 songs, currently only selling below $ 80.

In my book, iPod shuffle won the award for "best sports" iPod. Even though I have upgraded to a nano, I still kept beating me to exercise.

Now I use the iPod nano for all music, movies, TV, and photos when I was not successful. Many people mistakenly asked, "how do you download songs to iPod nano?" when they should really be asking about the song, movies, TV shows, and photos. The iPod nano does it all! The iPod nano is now the fifth generation and comes in 8GB and 16GB varieties and many colors from which to choose. Latest upgrade to nano provides the ability to shoot home videos.

Finally, we have a classic iPod. IPod classic differentiate itself in the look and feel like doing another iPod but has one important difference: the amount of storage. IPod classic now has a 160GB storage capacity (because using a hard drive) that can easily hold more than 40,000 songs. So, if you have an absolute mountain of music, and want to have all your songs with you all the time, the iPod classic is the way to go.

All iPods have their kelbihan you masing. So, live choice accordance with the needs and preferences. Exercise requires fans shuffle. The "hipster" to get the nano. The technophile should go with the iPod touch or iPhone. And finally, for those who want more than just the music, the iPod classic is the best choice.


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