Sunday, 1 November 2009

Playstation 3 Price Cut

In order to sell more consoles in time for Christmas, Sony has decided to lower the price of their boat Playstation 3 console. A redesigned, cheaper version of the console will sell at just £ 249.99 from the end of next month. This is a £ 50 reduction in the current model.

New price will be applied to the console before the key Christmas season at stores such as HMV are selling for a difficult summer of poor demand for the consoles and software. Sony hopes that this price cut will attract potential from the sale of two rivals, Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii good time to sell for less than £ 200.

With the PS3 price cut, there are rumors that Sony competition may also be preparing a pre-Christmas price cuts to keep the giants beat the game. However, Nintendo has denied that they would cut the price of the Wii consoles in the near future. Although the Nintendo Wii may be technically inferior to its competitors, it was the best-selling house current generation gaming machine.


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