Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Ipod Corrupted After the Dump from Windows Vista

Apple's popular iPod is used as a portable digital media players. In addition, the iPod disk is also used as a secondary storage medium. Except iPod Touch, you can use any type of iPod in disk mode. If you use a Mac formatted iPod, the file system to HFS +, whereas, if it is formatted in Windows, FAT32 file system will be. You may see some incompatibility issues of Apple's iPod and iTunes with Windows Vista. Such problems may force you to reformat the iPod and use your iPod Data Recovery applications in the absence of valid data backup.

For example, you perform these steps with your iPod:

• Connect your Apple iPod to the Windows Vista-based systems USB mode
• You use the Safely Remove Hardware function to disconnect your iPod after receiving notice to disconnect or you use the Eject command in Windows Explorer to perform the same task.

After this, when you try to access the iPod's data, you find your iPod is damaged. You failed to access the stored data.


Above problems occur because of disagreement concerns the Apple iPod with Windows Vista. Because of this problem, when you use Windows Explorer or the 'Safely Remove Hardware' function, the structure of the iPod may become corrupted.


Here are the steps that you can apply to solve the problem:

• To prevent the iPod corruption occur in the future, you must install hotfix 936824. These updates resolve all problems Apple iPod incompatibility with Windows Vista
• iPod structures damaged and so you have to recreate that can store data. This can be done by reformatting your iPod. But because the process of deleting all data, it is important that you use the last backup to restore.


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