Thursday, 6 August 2009

Brief History Blackberry Smartphone

The Blackberry, developed and manufactured by Canadian company Research In Motion is one of the most famous, and certainly one of the best known, a range of smart phones on the market today.

The fact that the BlackBerry is now often used to describe any smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard is a testament to the strength of the original concept. However, the very first BlackBerry, released in 1999, the phone is not at all, but the PDA functions with Paging.

BlackBerry smartphone first released in 2002, and quickly became a success, propelling Rim small company into the fringes of the PDA market to become market leaders almost overnight.

BlackBerry smartphone capable mobile phone, SMS text messaging, internet faxing, push email and web browsing and a full function PDA.

Although there are some devices already on the market, especially the most popular Nokia 9000, which combined with a QWERTY keyboard with a mobile phone to provide a full function PDA, a BlackBerry smartphone which introduces a number of innovations that are allowed to steal a competitor in March on the business market.

Perhaps the most unique features of the BlackBerry is push email function, which allows users to access their email accounts to work anywhere in the world, with full and automatic synchronization server.

Other features on some models is a Push-to-Talk, which allowed the office-style long distance conversation to take place in more remote, with the same style for a system of inter.


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